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About Feathers&Roses

Feathers&Roses started out as a site made that was dedicated to the Gundam Wing yaoi and yuri couples, particularly my favorite, Heero and Duo. It was going to have fanfiction and fanart all realating to malexmale or femalexfemale relationships. This didn't seem to work too well though. I've opened up a fanfiction site for all differen't genres or anime fanfiction and I decided that it's too hard to keep up two sites like that.

Feathers&Roses stands as a suporter for yaoi and yuri on the internet. All yaoi/yuri sites that I have visited have a warning on their first "Enter" page and also on their "Home" page. These warnings also give a description of what yaoi and yuri mean, or they say "if you don't know what yaoi or yuri is then leave this site now". Warnings are often posted on the pages of fanfiction and fanart and yet people still complain. I've also heard people say that yaoi/yuri sites "corrupt innocents". I believe that if a person reads the warnings and yet still goes into that site then it is their own fault. The site is not responcible for who enters it. If a warning or warnings are posted then the webmaster has done their job.

Yaoi and yuri should not be banned from the internet. In the real world there are malexmale and femalexfemale relationships. People need to open their minds, think outside the box, and be able to accept the world around them. I am not saying that it is wrong not to like yaoi or yuri, I am simply saying that if you have a problem with it then heed the warnings.